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The Top 7 Best 6.5 Speakers Of 2021

best 6.5 car speakers

In this guide we introduce you to the best 6.5 car speakers available today. Why?  Well, when looking to upgrade your car audio, perhaps one of the simplest places to begin is by replacing your factory 6.5 inch speakers.Why you may ask?Because they are comparably the cheapest upgrade to make, as well as arguably the […]

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The Top 8 Best 3.5 Speakers of 2021

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say you want the absolute best audio experience you can find. We totally get it. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building the mobile audio system of your dreams. We love our cars, so we’ll never speak ill of the companies who design and build them. That […]

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The Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers of 2021

Best 6x9 Speakers

A good 6×9 speaker is key to having good audio in your car. Sub woofers and tweeters might provide the cherry on the top, but – without the 6×9 – there is no sundae for the cherry to go on. However, it can be difficult to find the best 6×9 speakers for your car. That […]

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The Best 6.5 Component Speakers of 2021

Best 6.5 Component Speakers

This may be hard to believe, but your car stereo does not need to be obnoxiously loud to sound good.  Yes, it feels nice when your subs start to rattle the seats and make your windows wobble, but this is not the only option.  As you’ll see in the following guide, the best 6.5 component […]

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The 6 Best 6×8 Component Speakers In 2021

Quick Navigation OverviewComparison TableA Rundown Of The 6 Best 6×8 Speakers Available TodayRockford Fosgate Punch P1683Pioneer TS-A6886RRockford Fosgate Prime R168X2Kenwood KFC-C6895PSPioneer TSG6845RPyle PL683BLKey Terminology OverviewIt’s no secret that car manufacturers generally take a frugal view when it comes to investing in a car’s audio capacity.  Speakers tend to suffer the brunt of this ‘stinginess’, as […]

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The Best 6×9 Component Speakers Of 2021

Best 6x9 Component Speakers

Quick Navigation OverviewComparison TableA Rundown Of The Best 6×9 Component Speakers:Kicker 40CSS694Memphis Audio 15-PRX69CInfinity Reference 9620cxMorel Tempo Ultra 692Final ThoughtsKey Terminology OverviewIf you are looking for the best 6×9 component speakers on the market, we have done some legwork for you to help make an informed decision on your purchase. We have checked out 4 […]

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The Top 5 Best 4×6 Speakers of 2021

Best 4x6 Speakers

Popular in their own right, 4×6 speakers are the perfect choice if your car is of a certain make and tailored for this size; eg: Jeep or truck. All the premium brands have their finger in the pie, providing a great range of awesome 4×6 speakers to choose from, regardless of your budget. If you […]

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The Top 5 Best Marine Speakers of 2021

Best Marine Speakers

If you are looking for marine speakers, it’s important to know the best brands and get the highest quality speakers you can. The marine environment is tough on speakers; they need to withstand water, rust, salt, and heat. These considerations aren’t just important for boat speakers; you may want to install marine speakers outdoors on […]

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Hertz Audio HCX 690 & HCX 165 Speakers Review

Hertz Audio Speaker Review

Hertz Audio HCX 690 & HCX 165 Speakers Review Quick Navigation IntroductionHertz Audio HCX 165Hertz Audio HCX 690Conclusion IntroductionIn our quest to find decent car audio at a great price, we had taken it upon ourselves to test a number of systems. We are in the fortunate position of having access to many different suppliers, […]

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Bose Car Speakers Review

bose car speakers

Bose Car Speakers Review When discussing car audio, or sound systems in general, it’s hard to ignore industry giants Bose.  Bose has established itself as a leading manufacturer of speakers and audio components worldwide, reaching into every major audio industry. The automotive industry is no different, and Bose has continued their mission of providing high quality […]

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