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What is the best sound deadening material for your car?

Sound leaking out of your car can cause a lot of troubles. You might find that the sound in your cabin is leaking out, which can make great speakers sound poor. Maybe you like to turn the volume way up, but your neighbors don’t appreciate it. It’s even possible that a good subwoofer might start rattling […]

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Installing A Car Amplifier – How To

A car amplifier is a device that provides a considerable boost to your audio system and also improves the quality of your sound output. Whilst a vehicle’s sound system will have small amps fitted as standard, these are only basic models and do not provide the boost and clarity that a dedicated amp system can. […]

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6.5 Inch Car Door Speaker Replacement – How To

6.5 Speakers Replacement

So you’ve got your hands on a brand spanking new pair of 6.5 speakers and are wondering how to go about replacing the crummy existing factory set? Fear not, door speakers are usually the most straight forward speakers of all to install, are a great place to get your feet wet, and offer a great […]

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Coaxial vs Component – Speaker Comparison

Coaxial VS Component

While shopping for speakers, you have more than likely been confronted with the terms ‘coaxial’ and ‘component’.  So whats the difference between the two types, and which should you be choosing?  The following guide helps to give you and overview and explain the key differences between each speaker type.Coaxial These are your more common set. […]

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A Quick Guide To Car Subwoofers Sizes and Types

Subwoofer Guide

Who doesn’t love a little bass?  Whether your musical genre of choice is hip hop, techno, rock, or even classical, a subwoofer goes a long way in improving your overall audio experience.  But how to make heads or tails of all the details and specs you’re forced to make sense of when trying to choose a […]

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Breaking In A Subwoofer – How To

Breaking In A Subwoofer

A subwoofer is an integral piece of equipment within a vehicle’s sound system. This device, when paired with a high-quality amplifier and connected to your vehicle’s audio system, can provide a huge boost to the quality of your audio output and create some absolutely tremendous bass. If you have installed a subwoofer system in your […]

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Installing A Car Subwoofer – How To

Installing Car Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a dedicated device that reproduces low-pitched audio frequencies, or more specifically: Bass. Bass is that low, deep sound that makes your vehicle tremble and gives your music a whole new level of depth. A high-quality subwoofer can make a huge difference to the quality of your vehicle’s stereo system and when combined […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Amplifier Class

OverviewAssuming you’ve been looking at the various amplifiers available for purchase, you may be a little overwhelmed by the different classes on offer. You’ve probably seen amplifiers labeled as Class A, B, A/B and D, and have wondered what each letter means exactly. ​You’re definitely not alone. ​Like you, we’ve been there. We’ve also managed to put […]

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Matching Subwoofers To Amplifiers – How To

Matching Subs to Amps

Both subwoofers and amplifiers are important components of an excellent sound system. While the amplifier strengthens the sound’s signal and drastically increases volume, the subwoofer works as a type of speaker that reproduces the lowest bass sounds.Subwoofers powered by amplifiers are an integral element in a high-end and high-performance car system. While there are several […]

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Subwoofer Enclosures Buying Guide

Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofer enclosures are an essential part of any music lover’s car sound system because they are affordable and easy-to-install accessories that instantly add bass to your system. But choosing a set is trickier than you think, in fact, there are literally hundreds of ‘low-frequency reinforcement’ subwoofer enclosures to choose from. ​A tightly constructed, strong enclosure protects […]

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