About Us

About Us

We know how overwhelming and mentally draining it can sometimes be, when trying to research your next car audio purchase. So many choices out there, so much contradictory information, so many opinions on what's "best".  Or on the opposite end - really vague, or even no, information on a certain type of product at all.

​Perhaps you feel it's too much effort even trying to figure out which is the best speaker, subwoofer, head unit for your circumstances - your budget, your musical taste, your ultimate aim with your car audio system.

​Well, here at CarAudioHQ.net We have one primary goal: to be your complete resource for car audio - a source of all the information you might need in your quest for a better sounding car audio system.

​We aim to provide you a site that gives your fair, unbiased, and easy to understand reviews of various car audio components; scouring the internet to provide you with as much relevant information we can find - saving you the time - in order to help you make an informed decision when looking to make your next car audio purchase!