Breaking In A Subwoofer

Breaking In A Subwoofer – How To

A subwoofer is an integral piece of equipment within a vehicle's sound system. This device, when paired with a high-quality amplifier and connected to your vehicle's audio system, can provide a huge boost to the quality of your audio output and create some absolutely tremendous bass. If you have installed a subwoofer system in your vehicle, you will understand the importance of maintenance and upkeep - these devices should be treated with great care.

A vital process that should be undertaken before using your subwoofer on a regular basis is to break the subwoofer in. This is not just a generic term - it is an actual process that many people are unaware of, but when performed correctly, can greatly improve the performance and longevity of your subwoofer.

Does A Subwoofer Need To Be "Broken In"?

Whilst all subwoofers may not require being broken in, it is definitely advisable to carry out this process to get the most out of your newly installed device. So why is this process advisable? A subwoofer contains many moving parts, fragile pieces, and an intricate suspension system - when first installed, a woofers parts may be stiff, inflexible and may not be able to reach their full potential/performance.

By breaking in a subwoofer, you effectively "loosen" it up - you free the moving parts, ease the suspension system into use, and allow it to perform at its optimum capacity. A metaphor we like to use is an athlete performing a warm-up session before a competition - if they do not limber their muscles and perform basic stretches, they may not reach their top speeds and may even injury themselves. Breaking in a subwoofer effectively prevents long term damage and improves the quality of your audio output.

What could potentially happen to my Subwoofer if I don't break it in?

Although many people operate their woofer without breaking it in, there are several negative consequences that can arise if you do not undertake this process:

  • Burned or unwound coil
  • Ripped suspension
  • Less potential output

As you can see, the first two issues are quite serious and would be costly to fix. A burned coil can be caused due to stiff suspension within the subwoofer, whilst ripped suspension can result from too much strain too soon on a new device.

What steps can you take to break in a Subwoofer?

There is a technical method to break in a subwoofer before installing it in your vehicle, but this requires a dedicated setup and the "in-situ" method is a great deal easier.

To effectively break in your subwoofer, the process is simple:

  1. ​Install your subwoofer

  2. Play your audio system at a low volume with a 1/2 gain for 2/3 weeks

  3. Once you notice a difference, increase your audio system volume

After several days, you should begin to notice a difference as the suspension becomes fluid and the subwoofer eases into low usage. Continue to use your woofer at low to medium sound levels for 2-3 weeks until you notice an increase in sound and an improvement in quality - this means that the subwoofer has loosened up sufficiently and is ready to be used at normal to high audio levels.

By using this simple method of breaking your subwoofer in, you should ensure its longevity and see a marked difference in its performance and output.

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